Bajy is an attempt to apply the network effect in social media to charitable donations.

The network effect in brief is the phenomenon whereby a service becomes more valuable as more people use it, therefore encouraging ever-increasing numbers of adopters. Social media sites such as Facebook have presently around 500 million active users all over the world. We want to use the direct and indirect connections between these users to facilitate greater levels of charitable giving.

To achieve this we have created a Facebook app that allows users to donate to charity by buying digital badges for their profile that represent a particular charity or its interests. These digital badges can be collected by the user donating to charity or given to one of their friends as a gift, effectively encouraging further usage of the app - the network effect.

By turning the process of donating to charity into a social activity between friends we believe we can facilitate greater levels of charitable giving amongst people who do not regularly give to charity.

Bajy dashboard:
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Add Bajy to your facebook profile:
Search for a charity you would like to donate to:
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Choose a donation badge you like:
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Choose a friend to give your donation badge to:
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Choose your donation amount and pay:
Your donation badge is then posted to your friends facebook profile:
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